We believe several things about wedding photography very strongly:

  1. We believe that "when you feel good, you look good." We aim to make our portrait sessions fun and light-hearted. Sure, there's posing involved (we have spent more than a decade studying posing, lighting and body language), but we always explain why we're asking you to do things -- i.e., to put your weight on a certain leg -- and we show clients photos on the backs of our cameras throughout a shoot. We will have some laughs and make some beautiful photos.

  2. We  believe that 90% of success is preparation (the other 10% is being able to enjoy the challenge of flying by the seat of your pants when things don't go as planned). That's why we start the planning process with our wedding clients six months before each wedding, working on a three-page itinerary together. The goal is for us to have all the information we need to give you a great experience, and for you to understand how we're going to do it. We don't want to have to ask you for any information on a wedding day.

  3. We believe that a couple who is getting married should be able to focus on their wedding, on their significant other and on their family and friends. We don't think anyone gets married just for the photos. LOL. So, we want our couples to actually experience getting married. We will take care of documenting the day.

Bridget and Dave-113Bridget and Dave-113

We spend 90% of our day behind the scenes, putting our photojournalism experience to work. We may interact and laugh with clients during the getting ready process, but our favorite piece of feedback that we regularly receive is this: "We can't wait to see our reception photos! We didn't even see you guys!" We are, of course, always within eyesight, working, but we are simply photographing our clients and their loved ones as they do their thing. 

Maria and Mike-131Maria and Mike-131

So, we don't want you to notice us during your ceremony. We don't want you to pose for us during the first dance. We want you to just get married. And we'll photograph it as it actually happens. We have found that this is best way to make photos that capture the true emotions of a wedding day.