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WBC 8-15-18Jon proofs 8-16-18R'Bibo family 8-10-18Cheryl and Steven 7-28-18Casey and Kelly 7-27-18Andrew 7-26-18Micaela and Sean 7-18-18Krystin and Patrick 7-1-18Sammi and Eric 7-11-18Stephanie and Chris 6-29-18Tasmina and Brent 6-23-18Danielle and Shawn 6-26-18Katie and Steph 6-9-18The Kelts famly 6-25-18Jenn and Adam 6-2-18April and Scott 5-27-18Sheryl and Seth 5-26-18Carley and Jeff 5-24-18Katie and Joe 5-19-18Gabrielle Rieth proofs 5-29-18Jason and Maria 5-15-18Charles and Nicole 5-5-18Tasmina and Brent 5-13-18The Huang family 5-11-18WBC 5-5-18Andrea and Trey 4-28-18Wilton Baptist Church portraits 4-22-18Courtney and Christopher 4-7-18The Accents 60th anniversary partyCaitlin proofs 4-14-18Christian proofs 4-14-18Kevin proofs 4-14-18Kati proofs 4-14-18Dana proofs 4-14-18Sashela 3-31-18Jenn and Tyler 3-24-18Jackie and Sean 3-17-18Audra, by Jeanette 3-11-18Audra, by Jeff 3-11-18Natasha and Nicholas 3-9-18WBC hoops 2-13-18WBC hoops 2-9-18Brittany and Josh 1-27-18Shelbie proofs 1-20-18Ginny proofs 1-20-18Jillian and Justin 12-31-17Melissa and PJ 12-9-17Kelly and Perey 11-18-17Jess and Mike (maternity) 12-16-17Carrie and James 11-12-17Nolan 12-10-17Bridget and Dave 12-8-17Dana and Frank 11-4-17The Griswold's Christmas Vacation 12-6-17Bridget Graber proofs 12-5-17Walsh family 12-2-17Krystin and Patrick 12-2-17Sam and Peter 11-3-17Laura and Nolan 10-21-17Laura and Dave 11-17-17Maddie and Bryan 10-20-17BBBS event 11-10-17The Marziani family 11-10-17Mike Gaspary proofs 11-8-17Gracja and Mark 10-14-17WBC baptismsJessica and Allen 10-23-17WBC volleyball 10-24-17Angela and Andrew 10-7-17Michelle and Sean 10-6-17Marissa and Tyler 10-16-17Christina and Christopher 9-30-17Allison and Chad 10-10-17Jess and Brian 9-23-17Maria and Mike 10-3-17Jill and Greg 9-16-17Dievendorf proofs 9-29-17Christina/Monticello proofs 9-29-17Dorothy and David 9-26-17Cassie and Tom 9-8-17Theresa and David 9-9-17Noelle and Brendan 9-3-18Mackenzie and Andrew 9-17-17Rachael and Andrew 9-2-17Brooke and Chris 8-27-17Chris and Sean 8-26-17Elena and Stefan 8-19-17Mommy and Me (Kristen and Lola) 8-30-17MaineChristina and Nick 8-12-17Cristina and Dan 7-28-17Casey and Claudia 7-29-17Jenn and Tyler 8-1-17Mara and Jason 7-15-17Beckett 7-31-17Sam and Bryce 7-30-17Kateri and Adam 7-1-17Northwestern Mutual 7-19-17Daniel Wierzchowski proofs 7-14-17Mara and Jason 7-13-17Carrie and James 7-11-17Christina and Leif 6-24-17Cheryl and Steven 7-6-17Leah 7-5-17Callie 7-4-17Katie and Joe 7-3-17The Tarity family 6-28-17Kateri and Adam 6-12-17Giyana and Tariq 6-4-17Kaitlyn and Dane 6-9-17Jill and Rich 5-28-17Nicole and Peter 5-13-17Kelly and Perey 5-27-17Emily's senior prom 5-20-17Mary and Patrick 5-6-17Sam and Peter 5-18-17Michelle and Sean 5-16-17Dominic 5-15-17Katie and Steph 5-11-17Courtney and Christopher 5-4-17Patti and JJ 4-21-17Haley Diane 5-1-17Emily and Matt 4-1-17Nate Murray 3-9-17Donna Watson 3-2-17Bill Estep 3-2-17Scarlett 2-25-17Easton 2-18-17Natalie and Craig 1-21-17The Huang family 1-28-17The Jacquard family 1-28-17Neidy and Kyle 1-7-17Anthony 1-25-17Angela and Ryan 1-14-17Kathryn and Chase 12-31-16Theresa and David 12-30-16Alex Monticello proofs 12-29-16Hasselbach family 12-26-16Joel and Anthony 12-10-16Sarah and Lou 11-19-16