Janine and Matt's wedding photos (The Sablewood)

October 05, 2021  •  1 Comment

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Janine & Matt Lampo(non-registered)
It’s one thing to do business with an artist, but to do business with an artist who becomes a great friend is another! We can not put into words how happy we were to find Jeff Foley of J. Foley Photography. Planning a wedding during COVID-19 was super stressful but not finding our photographer. We met Jeff over a zoom call and instantly made a connection and formed a great bond, we were instant friends! Our engagement shoot was shortly after that meeting and that was when we knew we were big fans of his work. We made such beautiful photos together, photos and memories to last a lifetime! We loved Jeff so much we choose him to shoot our maternity shoot too! It was such a special day for all of us and it was even better that our friend could capture our joy and excitement of welcoming our little one into our family.

We knew without a doubt that our wedding photos would be spectacular, and Jeff did not disappoint us! Our photos are simply stunning. Our guests absolutely loved him and his works speaks for itself. He did an AMAZING job! A true professional, a great friend and artist a work!

Thank you so much, Jeff. Your photos will hang on our wall for years to come and we will forever be grateful for that amazing zoom call!

Janine & Matt Lampo
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