JFP wins 2021 Couples' Choice Award

January 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Winning the 2021 Couples’ Choice Award from WeddingWire is kind of bittersweet. J. Foley Photography has garnered this award every year since 2014 and it’s always been a cool feeling.


The award is allegedly given to the top vendors in the wedding industry, although there are suspicions that if you advertise on WeddingWire you win a Couples’ Choice Award. Regardless, it’s sweet to be recognized for taking care of your clients. I try to go above and beyond to provide a stellar experience and professional wedding documentation. I want each of my clients to be able to say, “We had a good time with Jeff and he made wedding pictures that captured our day in an honest and flattering way.” So the Couples’ Choice Award tells me that I’m the right track each year, as it’s based on client feedback.


2020 (the year the 2021 award is based on) was different though. The world went crazy and the wedding industry imploded. I didn’t get to do my job the way I’m used to. Sure, I shot a few traditional weddings and some intimate ceremonies, but I’m used to photographing 30 to 40 weddings with 100+ guests annually. I’m used to interacting with thousands of new people each year.


In 2020, I scheduled and rescheduled weddings. I was grateful every time a client chose to reschedule rather than cancel. I was appreciative when they paid their invoices on time and understanding when they didn’t. I watched my bank account drop to disappointing levels I haven’t seen in years. I worried nonstop about my own future. I practiced empathy and tried to be understanding no matter what the circumstances. I have done almost everything other than regularly hold a camera up to my eye. Many days, I have simply been a human being rather than a businessman/photographer.


I don’t know what the future holds for me. But JFP is still kicking and we’ve won another award. And, after a battle with COVID and pneumonia, I’ve still (kind of) got my health. I’ve got my family. And I’ll continue to be there for clients no matter what comes my way. Together, we’ve got this. And thank you for helping JFP win the 2021 Couples’ Choice Award. I appreciate it.



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