J. Foley Photography | The Accents' 60th anniversary party

The Accents' 60th anniversary party

April 18, 2018  •  1 Comment

The Accents 1The Accents 1 Congratulations to our friends THE ACCENTS on 60 years as a band (the band was started by Joe Cannavo and Frank Cannavo's dad Benny -- pictured here -- and they have carried it forward)! J. Foley Photography loves working wedding with these guys, and it was an honor to shoot their anniversary party! The Accents 2The Accents 2 The Accents 3The Accents 3 The Accents 4The Accents 4 The Accents 5The Accents 5 The Accents 6The Accents 6 The Accents 7The Accents 7 The Accents 8The Accents 8 The Accents 9The Accents 9 The Accents 10The Accents 10


Chris Dollard(non-registered)
Great shots from a great event!!!
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Did you know that Jeff and Jeanette, the husband-wife team that make up JFP, have a camera to thank for their marriage? Jeff was working as a photographer and Jeanette was working as a model ... The rest is, as they say, history!