J. Foley Photography | Sean and Christopher's wedding photos

Sean and Christopher's wedding photos

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2JFP87512JFP8751 Thanks to Chris and Sean for sharing their wedding day with J. Foley Photography. And it was great to work with State Room, Events by Cool Cat, Coccadotts Cake Shop, Anthology Studio and Kristen Kiraly Films.

Chris and Sean-101Chris and Sean-101 Chris and Sean-102Chris and Sean-102 Chris and Sean-103Chris and Sean-103 Chris and Sean-104Chris and Sean-104 Chris and Sean-105Chris and Sean-105 Chris and Sean-106Chris and Sean-106 Chris and Sean-107Chris and Sean-107 Chris and Sean-108Chris and Sean-108 Chris and Sean-109Chris and Sean-109 Chris and Sean-110Chris and Sean-110 Chris and Sean-111Chris and Sean-111 Chris and Sean-112Chris and Sean-112 Chris and Sean-113Chris and Sean-113 Chris and Sean-114Chris and Sean-114 Chris and Sean-115Chris and Sean-115 Chris and Sean-116Chris and Sean-116 Chris and Sean-117Chris and Sean-117 Chris and Sean-118Chris and Sean-118 Chris and Sean-119Chris and Sean-119 Chris and Sean-120Chris and Sean-120 Chris and Sean-121Chris and Sean-121 Chris and Sean-122Chris and Sean-122 Chris and Sean-123Chris and Sean-123 Chris and Sean-124Chris and Sean-124 Chris and Sean-125Chris and Sean-125 Chris and Sean-126Chris and Sean-126 Chris and Sean-127Chris and Sean-127 Chris and Sean-128Chris and Sean-128 Chris and Sean-129Chris and Sean-129 Chris and Sean-130Chris and Sean-130 Chris and Sean-131Chris and Sean-131 Chris and Sean-132Chris and Sean-132 Chris and Sean-133Chris and Sean-133 Chris and Sean-134Chris and Sean-134 Chris and Sean-135Chris and Sean-135 Chris and Sean-136-Edit-2Chris and Sean-136-Edit-2 Chris and Sean-137Chris and Sean-137 Chris and Sean-138Chris and Sean-138 Chris and Sean-139Chris and Sean-139


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Did you know that Jeff and Jeanette, the husband-wife team that make up JFP, have a camera to thank for their marriage? Jeff was working as a photographer and Jeanette was working as a model ... The rest is, as they say, history!