J. Foley Photography | Kaitlyn and Dane's engagement photos

Kaitlyn and Dane's engagement photos

June 09, 2017  •  1 Comment

2JFP98902JFP9890 Today was a good day for J. Foley Photography. We booked a pair of 2018 weddings, and we had a fantastic Saratoga Springs engagement session with Kaitlyn and Dane!

Kaitlyn and Dane-106Kaitlyn and Dane-106 Kaitlyn and Dane-110Kaitlyn and Dane-110 Kaitlyn and Dane-117Kaitlyn and Dane-117 Kaitlyn and Dane-120Kaitlyn and Dane-120 Kaitlyn and Dane-124Kaitlyn and Dane-124 Kaitlyn and Dane-131Kaitlyn and Dane-131 Kaitlyn and Dane-137Kaitlyn and Dane-137 Kaitlyn and Dane-139Kaitlyn and Dane-139


Nomad Photo(non-registered)
The first pic of them in the forest is SO BEAUTIFUL, it looks like it's part of a good movie.
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Did you know that Jeff and Jeanette, the husband-wife team that make up JFP, have a camera to thank for their marriage? Jeff was working as a photographer and Jeanette was working as a model ... The rest is, as they say, history!