A composite corporate portrait

February 27, 2017 - The above photo is one of the more interesting corporate assignments JFP has taken on in a while. And, ironically, when...
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Easton's newborn shoot

February 18, 2017 - It took us a while to make the decision, but J. Foley Photography is back in the newborn photography game. Jeanette and...
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JFP kicks off a weekend of mini-sessions

February 10, 2017 - Thanks to the Rodriguez family for kicking off JFP's weekend of studio mini-sessions today. Over the weekend, Jeanette a...
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How we did it: a portrait from above

February 04, 2017 - This portrait is one of my favorites from Natalie and Craig's 1-21-17 wedding. It's obviously a different kind of weddin...
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Congrats to Natalie and Craig!

February 03, 2017 - Congratulations to Natalie and Craig, who got married today! JFP had a great time documenting their wedding! With Frankl...
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