Sam and Peter's engagement photos

May 20, 2017  •  1 Comment


Um, yeah, so tonight's J. Foley Photography engagement session was fun! Thanks Samantha and Peter! (Sam's makeup by Erin Marzilli Beauty Studio.)

Sam and Peter-102Sam and Peter-102 Sam and Peter-107Sam and Peter-107 Sam and Peter-108Sam and Peter-108 Sam and Peter-114Sam and Peter-114 Sam and Peter-115Sam and Peter-115 Sam and Peter-117Sam and Peter-117 Sam and Peter-126Sam and Peter-126 Sam and Peter-129Sam and Peter-129 Sam and Peter-130Sam and Peter-130 Sam and Peter-132Sam and Peter-132 Sam and Peter-140Sam and Peter-140 Sam and Peter-142Sam and Peter-142


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Great photo s
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