Dominic's newborn session

May 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

2JFP66562JFP6656 Jeff and Jeanette of JFP have recently ventured back into the world of newborn photography (Jeanette takes the lead in this part of the JFP operation), and today they had the privilege of photographing six-day-old Dominic. What a wonderful baby, and what a head of hair!

Dominic-104Dominic-104 Dominic-108Dominic-108 Dominic-113Dominic-113 Dominic-116Dominic-116 Dominic-117Dominic-117 Dominic-119Dominic-119 Dominic-122Dominic-122 Dominic-131Dominic-131 Dominic-135Dominic-135 Dominic-141Dominic-141


Aunt Terri(non-registered)
I always look forward to the next photo-shoot. Your photos are always creative and amazing! But then my nieces and nephews make for good subjects!! LOL
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