The edit is part of the process

April 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

2JFP3750-Edit-22JFP3750-Edit-2 We are head-over-heels in love with this group portrait from Emily and Matt's recent wedding. It was made on the steps of the NYS Education building, and everyone involved bought into the process. We asked them to pair up, posed them lightly and suggested they improvise with over-the-top enthusiasm. The result is a fun, light-hearted, personality-filled picture.

But there were a few obstacles to work around.

Mainly, when we showed up with this photo in mind (we'd made all of the standard wedding party shots at the church and just needed this one, more interesting group photo on the steps), we discovered that the location was roped off with ugly yellow ropes. And there was a heavy garbage can in place.

So, we worked around the ropes and the garbage cans, knowing that we'd need to edit them out of the final image. 

2JFP3750-Edit2JFP3750-EditThe BEFORE You'll notice that I also needed to rework the groom's legs in the final image. The way I'd posed him, with crossed legs, worked when he and his new bride were looking at the camera. However, when they leaned in to kiss, it looked awkward and I missed it in the moment (it happens -- I'm not perfect! LOL). 

It's rare that a wedding day image needs this kind of work, but when the situation calls for it, we are willing to put the time in to achieve the original goal!


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