Stylized wedding portrait session with Sarah and Thomas

March 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Mazzone show-136Mazzone show-136 Jeanette and Jeff spent yesterday at the Experience The Difference Wedding Event By Mazzone Hospitality (Mazzone Hospitality), and we got to reconnect with J. Foley Photography couple Sarah and Thomas. We worked around fellow wedding pros and attendees to make portraits at the Albany Cap Center. It was so much fun finding interesting spaces and light, and making pictures of two wonderful people. Thank you to TuxegoMake Me FabulousFerri Formals & Bridals and Blooms Weddings and Event Design for helping us execute our vision!

We showed up for this session with a couple new cameras (Canon 7D Mark II), a 24-70mm lens and a 70-200mm lens, flashes, light stands, Pocket Wizards, and Magnet Mod accessories, ready to use lots of off-camera lighting. However, the photographic universe had other ideas. Apparently, I had not updated my Pocket Wizards in quite some time and -- while they work perfectly with our Canon 5D Mark III cameras (which were sitting at home) -- they would not trigger flashes when paired up with the 7D cameras. So, in addition to looking for sweet natural light, we stuck our flashes on top of cameras with a MagMod gel, grid and sphere.

And it was so refreshing to work so simply. Rather than lugging around lots of lighting gear and testing with off-camera flashes, we each worked with a camera and a flash on the camera. It was delightful, and we love the results.

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