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Krystin and Patrick's wedding photos (Lake George, New York)

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Krystin and Patrick blog 1Krystin and Patrick blog 1 Krystin and Patrick blog 2Krystin and Patrick blog 2

J. Foley Photography (Jeff Foley and Jamie Benson) had a great day with Krystin and Patrick!

W/ The Inn at ErlowestChristine A. Wheat Special Events Firm LLCYTK Photography + FilmTrue Grace MakeupNorth Country Flowers and O snap photo-booth.

Krystin and Patrick blog 3Krystin and Patrick blog 3 Krystin and Patrick blog 4Krystin and Patrick blog 4 Krystin and Patrick blog 5Krystin and Patrick blog 5 Krystin and Patrick blog 6Krystin and Patrick blog 6 Krystin and Patrick blog 7Krystin and Patrick blog 7 Krystin and Patrick blog 8Krystin and Patrick blog 8 Krystin and Patrick blog 9Krystin and Patrick blog 9 Krystin and Patrick blog 10Krystin and Patrick blog 10 Krystin and Patrick blog 11Krystin and Patrick blog 11 Krystin and Patrick blog 12Krystin and Patrick blog 12 Krystin and Patrick blog 13Krystin and Patrick blog 13 Krystin and Patrick blog 14Krystin and Patrick blog 14 Krystin and Patrick blog 15Krystin and Patrick blog 15 Krystin and Patrick blog 16Krystin and Patrick blog 16 Krystin and Patrick blog 17Krystin and Patrick blog 17 Krystin and Patrick blog 18Krystin and Patrick blog 18 Krystin and Patrick blog 19Krystin and Patrick blog 19 Krystin and Patrick blog 20Krystin and Patrick blog 20

Sammi and Eric's engagement photos (Schenectady, New York)

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Sammi and Eric 1Sammi and Eric 1 Sammi and Eric 2Sammi and Eric 2 Sammi and Eric 3Sammi and Eric 3 Sammi and Eric 4Sammi and Eric 4 Sammi and Eric 5Sammi and Eric 5 Sammi and Eric 6Sammi and Eric 6 Sammi and Eric 7Sammi and Eric 7 Sammi and Eric 8Sammi and Eric 8

Stephanie and Chris's wedding photos (Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake)

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Stephanie and Chris 1Stephanie and Chris 1 w/ Old Daley on Crooked LakeConway Entertainment Professional DJ ServicePoppytree Floral DesignsMake Up and Hair Artistry, By Kyle Anne GarciaAngela's BridalMr. Formal Wear and Mountain Mint Films. Thanks toKristen Renee Photography for shooting with J. Foley Photography.

Stephanie and Chris 2Stephanie and Chris 2 Stephanie and Chris 3Stephanie and Chris 3 Stephanie and Chris 4Stephanie and Chris 4 Stephanie and Chris 5Stephanie and Chris 5 Stephanie and Chris 6Stephanie and Chris 6 Stephanie and Chris 7Stephanie and Chris 7 Stephanie and Chris 8Stephanie and Chris 8 Stephanie and Chris 9Stephanie and Chris 9 Stephanie and Chris 10Stephanie and Chris 10 Stephanie and Chris 11Stephanie and Chris 11 Stephanie and Chris 12Stephanie and Chris 12 Stephanie and Chris 13Stephanie and Chris 13 Stephanie and Chris 14Stephanie and Chris 14 Stephanie and Chris 15Stephanie and Chris 15 Stephanie and Chris 16Stephanie and Chris 16 Stephanie and Chris 17Stephanie and Chris 17 Stephanie and Chris 18Stephanie and Chris 18 Stephanie and Chris 19Stephanie and Chris 19

Tasmina and Brent's wedding photos

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Tasmina and Brent 1Tasmina and Brent 1 Tasmina and Brent 2Tasmina and Brent 2

J. Foley Photography had a great day with Tasmina and Brent! Thanks to Kristen Renee for second shooting. W/ Lipstick N Lashes Beauty Bar and Boutique SS Bridal Beauty Flowers Forever By Linda SoundFormula Entertainment

Tasmina and Brent 3Tasmina and Brent 3 Tasmina and Brent 4Tasmina and Brent 4 Tasmina and Brent 5Tasmina and Brent 5 Tasmina and Brent 6Tasmina and Brent 6 Tasmina and Brent 7Tasmina and Brent 7 Tasmina and Brent 8Tasmina and Brent 8 Tasmina and Brent 9Tasmina and Brent 9 Tasmina and Brent 10Tasmina and Brent 10 Tasmina and Brent 11Tasmina and Brent 11 Tasmina and Brent 12Tasmina and Brent 12 Tasmina and Brent 13Tasmina and Brent 13 Tasmina and Brent 14Tasmina and Brent 14 Tasmina and Brent 15Tasmina and Brent 15 Tasmina and Brent 16Tasmina and Brent 16 Tasmina and Brent 17Tasmina and Brent 17 Tasmina and Brent 18Tasmina and Brent 18 Tasmina and Brent 19Tasmina and Brent 19 Tasmina and Brent 20Tasmina and Brent 20 Tasmina and Brent 21Tasmina and Brent 21

Jillian and Justin's 5-star JFP review

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Jillian and Justin-140Jillian and Justin-140

"I highly recommend J. Foley Photography!! Jeff and Jeanette were amazing to work with from the planning process to the wedding day. They did a great job sticking to the timeline on our big day to make sure they got all our important pictures with loved ones that we had discussed beforehand. They helped my husband and I feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera to capture amazing pictures throughout the day and night. We couldn't be happier with our photos and are so glad we trusted Jeff and Jeanette to document the best day of our lives.. Thank you!!"