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Did you know that Jeff and Jeanette, the husband-wife team that make up JFP, have a camera to thank for their marriage? Jeff was working as a photographer and Jeanette was working as a model ... The rest is, as they say, history!

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Welcome to the J. Foley Photography blog. This is where you'll find our favorite wedding images, teasers from shoots, behind-the-scene photos, etc. Enjoy!

Emily and Matt's wedding photos

April 22, 2017  •  2 Comments

Emily and Matt-129Emily and Matt-129 What a wonderful day JFP had with Emily and Matt! We got to spend the day with fun, kind people, and we got to make beautiful wedding photos! With THE ACCENTS, The Century House,​ Mackenzie Lee Videography,​ Something Bleu Bridal​, Smile Lounge Photo Booth New York and Michelle Johnson Pozzouli​.

Emily and Matt-101-2Emily and Matt-101-2 Emily and Matt-102Emily and Matt-102 Emily and Matt-103-2Emily and Matt-103-2 Emily and Matt-104Emily and Matt-104 Emily and Matt-105Emily and Matt-105 Emily and Matt-106Emily and Matt-106 Emily and Matt-107-2Emily and Matt-107-2 Emily and Matt-108Emily and Matt-108 Emily and Matt-109Emily and Matt-109 Emily and Matt-110Emily and Matt-110 Emily and Matt-111Emily and Matt-111 Emily and Matt-112-2Emily and Matt-112-2 Emily and Matt-113Emily and Matt-113 Emily and Matt-114Emily and Matt-114 Emily and Matt-115Emily and Matt-115 Emily and Matt-116Emily and Matt-116 Emily and Matt-117Emily and Matt-117 Emily and Matt-118Emily and Matt-118 Emily and Matt-119Emily and Matt-119 Emily and Matt-120Emily and Matt-120 Emily and Matt-121-2Emily and Matt-121-2 Emily and Matt-122Emily and Matt-122 Emily and Matt-123Emily and Matt-123 Emily and Matt-124Emily and Matt-124 Emily and Matt-125Emily and Matt-125 Emily and Matt-126Emily and Matt-126 Emily and Matt-127Emily and Matt-127 Emily and Matt-128Emily and Matt-128 Emily and Matt-130-2Emily and Matt-130-2 Emily and Matt-131Emily and Matt-131 Emily and Matt-132Emily and Matt-132 Emily and Matt-133Emily and Matt-133 Emily and Matt-134Emily and Matt-134 Emily and Matt-135Emily and Matt-135 Emily and Matt-136Emily and Matt-136 Emily and Matt-137Emily and Matt-137 Emily and Matt-138Emily and Matt-138 Emily and Matt-139-2Emily and Matt-139-2

Congrats to Patti and JJ!

April 21, 2017  •  1 Comment

0F1A29120F1A2912 Congrats to Patti and JJ, and thank you for sharing your wedding day with J. Foley Photography! We wish you a lifetime of love. W/ Old Daley on Crooked Lake, Nick Cardamone, Paul E Calarco Jr of Red Hot Entertainment, Blooms Wedding & Event Design Studio, True Grace Makeup and Ben Pliss Media.Thanks to my friend Kristen Renee for second shooting. 077A4391-Edit077A4391-Edit


It's almost time for Patti and JJ!

April 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Pattie and JJ-128Pattie and JJ-128 J. Foley Photography first met Patti and JJ when we were shooting a wedding at Old Daley on Crooked Lake. We poked our head into Janice Keary's office to say hi, and Patti and JJ happened to be there to secure the venue for their 4/21/17 wedding. So, tomorrow we will be heading to Crooked Lake just to see Patti and JJ. Can't wait! Looking forward to working with Red Hot Entertainment, Blooms Wedding & Event Design Studio, True Grace Makeup and Ben Pliss Media. Pattie and JJ-134Pattie and JJ-134

The edit is part of the process

April 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

2JFP3750-Edit-22JFP3750-Edit-2 We are head-over-heels in love with this group portrait from Emily and Matt's recent wedding. It was made on the steps of the NYS Education building, and everyone involved bought into the process. We asked them to pair up, posed them lightly and suggested they improvise with over-the-top enthusiasm. The result is a fun, light-hearted, personality-filled picture.

But there were a few obstacles to work around.

Mainly, when we showed up with this photo in mind (we'd made all of the standard wedding party shots at the church and just needed this one, more interesting group photo on the steps), we discovered that the location was roped off with ugly yellow ropes. And there was a heavy garbage can in place.

So, we worked around the ropes and the garbage cans, knowing that we'd need to edit them out of the final image. 

2JFP3750-Edit2JFP3750-EditThe BEFORE You'll notice that I also needed to rework the groom's legs in the final image. The way I'd posed him, with crossed legs, worked when he and his new bride were looking at the camera. However, when they leaned in to kiss, it looked awkward and I missed it in the moment (it happens -- I'm not perfect! LOL). 

It's rare that a wedding day image needs this kind of work, but when the situation calls for it, we are willing to put the time in to achieve the original goal!

A wedding day sliver

April 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

2JFP30442JFP3044 I don't remember making this photo of recent JFP bride Emily, and I can't swear that I did it on purpose. It may have been a hip photo (where the camera is dangling and the shutter button bumps into my hip), but I love photos like this, ones that shows just a slice of the action but illustrate everything!